Republican Presidential Candidates

The Republican Presidential Candidates are already into “debates”.  We also get to see them in stump speeches on CSPAN.  Interesting pattern common to almost all.

They all start with Libertarian rhetoric.  Small government.  Freedom.  Liberties.

Then they get to solutions.  Almost all of them — especially all the leaders — have one predictable plan.  “What the government needs to do the make the country better is to make life better for people like me.”  Cut capital gains taxes (for “people like me”).  Cut dividends taxes (for “people like me”).  Subsidize industries (led by “people like me”).  “Government should take steps to make me a winner and trust me to bring you along, too.”

Picking winners (“me”) and losers (“you”).  Anti-Libertarian.

True libertarians would act as does Justice herself — blind to the participants.  Fair treatment of all.  This implies a uniform taxation — more on this later.

The libertarian rhetoric of the Republican candidates is fraudulent, and true Libertarians are against fraud.

The only Republican candidate who doesn’t follow this pattern is — great shock — the former Libertarian, Ron Paul.

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