Republican Winners And Losers

The Republican Party follows Fascist principles, a conspiracy between officials of government and executives of industry to siphon undeserved power and money.

Large contributions provide politicians both personal income and campaign revenue to fund mass media coverage to fool the uneducated voters.  In return (quid pro quo = bribe), politicians alter the legal landscape to help industry executives cheat shareholders and customers.

This necessarily disenfranchises and impoverishes We The People.

Corporations are not the enemy.  Corporations are merely vessels.  Executives decide how to spend corporate moneys.  We’ve seen schemes driving down corporations, driving down value for average shareholders, but bringing wealth to executives.  Executive compensation is determined by boards in incestuous relationships — they all work to enrich each other, while their corporations, the value to millions of shareholders, becomes less and less stable.  And these executives are enabled in their plunder by legal bribes paid to the government officials — mostly Republicans, but to a growing extent Democrats — who keep laws defining crooked business a perfectly legal.

The enemy are crooked politicians with their corrupt relationships, illustrated most grossly, though not exclusively, by the Republicans.  They are not necessarily all bad people — corruption is just the environment, like water to a fish.  Change the environment to honesty and I believe most would adjust and flourish, while some would continue and be caught as criminals and some would simply find themselves failures in honest competition.

The majority of the population is excluded from governance by the selling of the government.  The solution is to write laws to make corruption illegal.  That’s the #1 salvation for the US, civilization, and the world: make corruption illegal.

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