Democratic Winners And Losers

The Democratic party was originally focused on promoting the middle class, which would be an admirable choice if one had to be bent on choosing a winner.  But the Democratic party has strayed, and is focused on picking winners of any and all underrepresented populations — poor, convicts, races, physically ill, mentally ill — all to the detriment of the middle class.

The Democratic party is still associated with Unions, but this is an illusion.  Like the Republicans, the Democrats work only with the executives.  Each bloated union contract enriches Union executives, who direct Union funds to the politicians, but hastens the bankruptcy of the government (or the business whose union contract is influenced by the government), wiping out those illusory benefits to the middle-class Union workers.  This is a perverted twist on the concept of Fascism.

In the 1990s the Democratic party also shifted tactics to eat into the Republican party territory, selling itself to Corporations and Fascist principles.

Now the Democratic party represents everyone but the middle class.

The problem is the same as identified for the Republicans: corruption has been defined by the lawmakers as legal.  So the solution is just the same: make corruption illegal.  Write law that defines corruption as illegal.

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