Comparing Political Parties — Overview

Democrats say that Republicans are Fascists in a corrupt bargain to profit along with corporate executives and finance flim-flam artists.  Republicans say that Democrats are Communists in a corrupt bargain to profit along with union executives, criminals and lazeabouts.

They are both right.

For two generations, under both parties, the middle class has stagnated, supporting corrupt prosperity alternating between the two sides.  Because both sides are committed to choosing winners and losers.  Any political philosophy that picks winners and losers leads to a tyranny — financially opposed to any competing political philosophy.

As we have seen in history, both Fascism and Communism lead inevitably to degradation of the society, and often to war.  Both paths lead to tyranny.  They aren’t very different.  The current Republican and Democratic parties are just junior versions of the extremes, both being willing to slide to the extreme if the population would allow.

Only a political philosophy not picking winners and losers — allowing instability and competition but committed to survival — can support a stable free society.

The Libertarian Party is the only one committed to not picking winners and losers.

And this is the unfortunate reason the Libertarian Party has trouble gaining traction.  Other parties are attractive by appealing to personal profit for certain populations and persons.  The Libertarian Party only offers that the society will be stronger, that we will and have the opportunity to compete fairly for our slice of a larger pie.

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