Taxes — Not All Bad

At one of the Republican primary debates, a few weeks ago, a citizen from the audience asked (roughly), “How much of every dollar that I earn should the government take, and how much should I keep?”  The candidate to whom the question was directed talked all around the issue of taxes, but didn’t answer the question until the next day, when the answer was (roughly) “You should keep all that you earn.”

This is silly pandering to selfish fools.  And this question distinguishes Libertarians from Anarchists.

If a government has no income, that government will fall, creating a vacuum, which will be filled by some other political body.  Who would seize power?  Most likely someone intending to profit from it — thugs, gangs or a foreign power.  Thus, anyone seriously seeking to abolish all taxation is seeking the abolition of the government, and the likely installation of a successor tyranny.  The abolition of taxation does not perpetuate an environment free of fraud and force.  Some government is needed to continue an environment free of fraud and force.  Some taxation is needed to continue a government to continue an environment free of fraud or force.

Unfortunately, the extreme of the Libertarian position, Anarchy, produces a result contradictory to Liberty.

Thus the delayed answer was a pandering from a fraudulent “libertarian” to appeal to fraudulent “libertarians”.

Given that taxation of some sort is necessary to preserve any society or culture, what taxation is fair?  Get what you pay for; pay for what you get.  What do we get from our government?  We get protection to earn a living and to enjoy our wealth.  Someone living under a bridge, begging for breakfast, does the same whether in the U.S.A., China or Somalia.  They are at similar risks.  Someone running an honest business has their honesty protected in the U.S.A., somewhat in China, and nearly ignored in Somalia.  The government of the U.S.A. enforces honesty on you and those you do business with, whether your business is an industry powerhouse, and entrepreneurship, or earning a wage working for someone else.  Yes, protection of every transaction is what you get from the government, so every transaction is a measure of what should be paid.  Further, someone can sit safely at home or move throughout the land, and enjoy an accumulated wealth even without continuing income.  One without wealth gains no such benefit equally from any political system or body.  Get what you pay for; pay for what you get.

We do have a problem with unfair taxation.  But the solution is to do it right, not to do it wrong different.

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Republican Presidential Candidates

The Republican Presidential Candidates are already into “debates”.  We also get to see them in stump speeches on CSPAN.  Interesting pattern common to almost all.

They all start with Libertarian rhetoric.  Small government.  Freedom.  Liberties.

Then they get to solutions.  Almost all of them — especially all the leaders — have one predictable plan.  “What the government needs to do the make the country better is to make life better for people like me.”  Cut capital gains taxes (for “people like me”).  Cut dividends taxes (for “people like me”).  Subsidize industries (led by “people like me”).  “Government should take steps to make me a winner and trust me to bring you along, too.”

Picking winners (“me”) and losers (“you”).  Anti-Libertarian.

True libertarians would act as does Justice herself — blind to the participants.  Fair treatment of all.  This implies a uniform taxation — more on this later.

The libertarian rhetoric of the Republican candidates is fraudulent, and true Libertarians are against fraud.

The only Republican candidate who doesn’t follow this pattern is — great shock — the former Libertarian, Ron Paul.

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Make Corruption Illegal

Lawmakers have made corruption their business.  Campaign contributions for political favors are the norm.  This is an offense to the Libertarian principle against fraud — government officials are obligated to work toward the betterment of all equally, so working for a favored few makes the claim to a legitimate government office a fraud.

We have seen officials paid cash.  We have seen officials taking junkets with trivial and tenuous connection to government’s business paid by private interests.  We have seen officials paid in speaking honoraria.  We have seen officials act to benefit those who have provided these compensations.

This government corruption was the major cause of the great depression, the savings and loan crash, the housing bubble and crash, and the current continuing economic crisis.  Government officials have been compensated (campaign contributions, junkets, vacations, etc.) for making laws to hide corruption in private industry that enlarges the boom-and-bust ‘business cycle’.

Bribery has been made legal.  The solution is to make the bribery illegal.

Of course, any legislator should have the freedom to vote his conscience, and any citizen should have the freedom to contribute to any cause or candidate he favors.  This is the logic taken to extreme that keeps the bribery legal.  Criminal law properly requires a presumption of innocence, with the burden of proof on an accuser.

But the standard is lower for non-criminal, administrative regulation.  It’s legitimate to presume for administrative actions that a quid-pro-quo exists when reciprocal compensations are shown, even though a smoking gun isn’t found.  If someone does something for an official, and the official does something for the someone, then without an accusation it’s in the interest of society and democracy for the compensation to the official to be surrendered.

It’s simple statistics to evaluate standard deviations in contributions to an official from various individuals or groups.  It’s simple statistics to evaluate standard deviations in benefits to various individuals or groups by officials.  There are millions of citizens who can track officials to keep them honest, and these citizens can be motivated to increased good citizenship by sharing in penalties assessed against the evil-doers.

The proper result of the administrative action should be the surrender of any such compensation from the government official’s campaign or personal account.

In an egregious case, a penalty might/should be assessed as a multiple of the contribution.  And egregious cases might justify additional penalties against the non-official side of the bribe.

The difficult part is gathering reliable information — requiring reliable information.  Again, officials who suppress such information should be penalized the value of the information suppressed, or multiples of such.

Diligent enforcement of such an oversight of legislators, executives or any official would nullify such personal enrichment, leaving officials to either behave or quit and seek profit in the private sector.

Honest citizens must still be allowed to contribute to causes or candidates — as long as they expect nothing in return.  Honest officials must still be allowed to execute their offices as they believe is best — as long as they expect nothing in return.

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Democratic Winners And Losers

The Democratic party was originally focused on promoting the middle class, which would be an admirable choice if one had to be bent on choosing a winner.  But the Democratic party has strayed, and is focused on picking winners of any and all underrepresented populations — poor, convicts, races, physically ill, mentally ill — all to the detriment of the middle class.

The Democratic party is still associated with Unions, but this is an illusion.  Like the Republicans, the Democrats work only with the executives.  Each bloated union contract enriches Union executives, who direct Union funds to the politicians, but hastens the bankruptcy of the government (or the business whose union contract is influenced by the government), wiping out those illusory benefits to the middle-class Union workers.  This is a perverted twist on the concept of Fascism.

In the 1990s the Democratic party also shifted tactics to eat into the Republican party territory, selling itself to Corporations and Fascist principles.

Now the Democratic party represents everyone but the middle class.

The problem is the same as identified for the Republicans: corruption has been defined by the lawmakers as legal.  So the solution is just the same: make corruption illegal.  Write law that defines corruption as illegal.

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Republican Winners And Losers

The Republican Party follows Fascist principles, a conspiracy between officials of government and executives of industry to siphon undeserved power and money.

Large contributions provide politicians both personal income and campaign revenue to fund mass media coverage to fool the uneducated voters.  In return (quid pro quo = bribe), politicians alter the legal landscape to help industry executives cheat shareholders and customers.

This necessarily disenfranchises and impoverishes We The People.

Corporations are not the enemy.  Corporations are merely vessels.  Executives decide how to spend corporate moneys.  We’ve seen schemes driving down corporations, driving down value for average shareholders, but bringing wealth to executives.  Executive compensation is determined by boards in incestuous relationships — they all work to enrich each other, while their corporations, the value to millions of shareholders, becomes less and less stable.  And these executives are enabled in their plunder by legal bribes paid to the government officials — mostly Republicans, but to a growing extent Democrats — who keep laws defining crooked business a perfectly legal.

The enemy are crooked politicians with their corrupt relationships, illustrated most grossly, though not exclusively, by the Republicans.  They are not necessarily all bad people — corruption is just the environment, like water to a fish.  Change the environment to honesty and I believe most would adjust and flourish, while some would continue and be caught as criminals and some would simply find themselves failures in honest competition.

The majority of the population is excluded from governance by the selling of the government.  The solution is to write laws to make corruption illegal.  That’s the #1 salvation for the US, civilization, and the world: make corruption illegal.

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Comparing Political Parties — Overview

Democrats say that Republicans are Fascists in a corrupt bargain to profit along with corporate executives and finance flim-flam artists.  Republicans say that Democrats are Communists in a corrupt bargain to profit along with union executives, criminals and lazeabouts.

They are both right.

For two generations, under both parties, the middle class has stagnated, supporting corrupt prosperity alternating between the two sides.  Because both sides are committed to choosing winners and losers.  Any political philosophy that picks winners and losers leads to a tyranny — financially opposed to any competing political philosophy.

As we have seen in history, both Fascism and Communism lead inevitably to degradation of the society, and often to war.  Both paths lead to tyranny.  They aren’t very different.  The current Republican and Democratic parties are just junior versions of the extremes, both being willing to slide to the extreme if the population would allow.

Only a political philosophy not picking winners and losers — allowing instability and competition but committed to survival — can support a stable free society.

The Libertarian Party is the only one committed to not picking winners and losers.

And this is the unfortunate reason the Libertarian Party has trouble gaining traction.  Other parties are attractive by appealing to personal profit for certain populations and persons.  The Libertarian Party only offers that the society will be stronger, that we will and have the opportunity to compete fairly for our slice of a larger pie.

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Hello world!

Why Libertarian?  Libertarian is the only honest political philosophy.  Libertarian is the only reasonably honest political party, pointed toward a fair government, allowing the variety of human experience to flourish — just calling the balls and strikes.  All other political parties specify preferred winners and losers.

Why logical? There are extremists in all philosophies.  There are perversions of all philosophies.  To get it right, one must think it through.  The Libertarian Party, being young, is somewhat overrun with youthful exuberance.

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